Chip Simmons

chip simmons portrait

Chip’s Bio

Chip was born and raised in Philadelphia, and has worked in the Phillies Baseball organization for 22 years. He served as Asst. Chaplain for the Philadelphia 76ers and Eagles for 2-1/2 years. He came on staff as Urban Director for FCA in Philadelphia in 1997, and moved to Colorado in 2001 to be FCA Urban Director in Denver. From 2001-08, Chip was the chaplain for the Colorado Crush, John Elway’s arena football team. From 2007-10, he was also the chaplain for the University of Colorado football team. Chip has also done chapel services for the San Diego Chargers as well as many college teams; such as, Temple, William and Mary, Bowling Green, Nebraska, and Western State (Gunnison). After the Game Ministries was born out of a heart Chip has for professional and collegiate athletes. After the Game Ministries gives former athletes the tools and support needed to manage the game of life beyond the playing field through Bible studies, mentorship and discipleship.