Help for Athletes after High School

Even at the high school level sports can consume your thoughts, your self-image, and your time.

Sports may control your schedule and it may consume most of your future focus. Was your goal to play for a D1 college team? Not many get to play for the top college teams in any sport. Even fewer get large scholarships. Maybe you ended up going to a division 2 or 3 school. Maybe you decided to skip college if you could not play your sport. Maybe you needed that scholarship to be able to go to college. Now that you have come up short, what will you fall back on? What will your life be like? How do you adjust to a normal life without the adulation of your fellow students, fans, and family?
If you are in high school or college how are you handling:

  1. Grades and Homework
  2. Alcohol
  3. Lack of Money
  4. Drugs
  5. Lack of Purpose
  6. Romantic Relationships
  7. How is your Spiritual Life?

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